Southern Buoy Studio Hire and Residents

Southern Buoy Studios encourages artistic practice through both the gallery space and studio hire.

Current studio artists are:

Baden Croft

Baden Croft is a 21-year-old emerging artist based on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.

Baden’s paintings are influenced by life on the Australian coast and international locations including Morocco, Portugal, the Philippines and Samoa, where he spends endless hours surfing and exploring the native flora and marine life. In thick, textured oil paint, his subject matter spans from floral arrangements to beach scenes, crabs and fish. It is with confidence that Baden applies rich, pure oils to his stark white canvases, and allows the paint to speak in thick layers, 2-3cm deep.

Aside from physical depth, Baden’s paintings also appear to extend beyond the canvas through masterful use of shadows and perspective play. Unexpected additions of windows and 3-dimensional corners frame his subjects and draw the eye to many different focal points around the canvas.

“Ever since I can remember I have been drawn to the ocean and feel comfort in exploring the more rugged natural parts of the world, rather than places dominated by human influence. My interest in the natural environment and its unpredictability translates directly into the somewhat chaotic way in which I paint.

I like to work quickly, utilising excessive amounts of oil paint that is literally smeared onto the canvas, and generally using only one or two palette knives in the process. I am inspired by a variety of subjects, it can be as simple as a shadow falling on someone’s face, or more conceptually by the way people interact with the natural world, and how we are often drawn back to places untouched by human interference.” – Baden Croft

Baden has exhibited in sell-out solo, duo and group exhibitions at local and regional galleries across Victoria and New South Wales. His works are held in private collections around Australia.

Instagram - badencroftartist

Graham Jones

Much of Graham Jones’ life has been consumed with some sort of artistic venture covering the genres of music, writing and design, where he forged successful careers in all three areas. He is well-known throughout Australia for his award-winning home design company GRAHAM JONES DESIGN. After selling his company in 2006 he became design consultant to the Royal Family in Abu Dhabi, where he worked for seven years.

In 2015, Graham began painting as his full time career, a break of 50 years since he had won the school art prize. Successful solo and joint exhibitions at established galleries around Melbourne followed. Primarily landscape based, Graham’s paintings walk the line between realism and abstraction.

Graham now works out of Southern Buoy Studios in Mornington, where his studio also acts as a mini-gallery, complemented by a large gallery space which exhibits works by studio artists and other artists from across Australia.

After an overwhelming response from 1500 artists from 25 different countries, Graham recently undertook an Artist in Residence program at the stunning Chateau d’Orquevaux in Champagne-Ardenne, France.

His painting Bay of Fires was recently selected by the President of the International Women’s Forum for the design of a silk scarf by Australian fashion design Lisa Barron, to be the centrepiece of the 2018 IWF World Conference held in Melbourne.

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Catherine Hamilton

Catherine lives on the Mornington Peninsula. She has exhibited in a number of mixed and solo shows in the UK and Australia. Her work is distinctive, bold, vibrant and full of energy. She works in various media but pushes the boundaries in diverse exploratory and innovative techniques. She uses the medium to create unusual effects using glazes and applying the paint with various brushes, rollers, palette knives and more. Catherine works in pastel, acrylic, oil and charcoal.

Catherine’s work is a reflection of personal experiences and recollections from quiet times spent with the beach and the ocean and with the bush. Her consideration of light and colour walking, peacefully, alone, in the early morning or at dusk, capturing a time and a place and a feeling. Her works of light play on water are memories of her time spent in Greece and her association with the islands and its people. Catherine works from small sketches and memory in all her work including portrait. The subjects she paints in her portrait works are often people she has met on her travels capturing part of their life and character.

Catherine works as a full-time artist and tutor, speaker and exhibition judge. She has a studio at Southern Buoy Studios in Mornington where she also conducts small classes. She is a member of The Peninsula Arts Society (where classes are also held) and an Honorary Member of The Pastel Society of Victoria.

She is a respected artist and sought-after tutor and has been teaching and lecturing for over 25 years throughout Australia and overseas taking painting tours to the Greek Islands. Her next tour is to the Greek Islands in June 2019.

Catherine also volunteers for the charity Our Rainbow House and conducts art programmes at the small school for 51 children just outside Lusaka, Zambia.

Instagram - catherinehamiltonarts

Amanda Ketterer
Born in London, England, Amanda has always had a passion for anything remotely creative. She studied Fine Art at the University College for the Creative Arts in Surrey, for three years, prior to moving to Melbourne in 2008. Since then Amanda has exhibited at many art shows and group exhibitions in Melbourne and on the Mornington Peninsula. The theme of her work is identity and the layers of experiences that make up our lives, the roles we play, the parts we hide, and the mask we show to the world. Amanda’s aim is to portray a sense of vulnerability, exposing glimpses of struggles, hopes and fears. Her belief is that it is when we show our true selves that we are at our most vulnerable and most beautiful. Her use of colour, texture and layering is an attempt to generate an emotional, reminiscent feeling in the viewer, illustrating what she believes is the great beauty in imperfection and ageing. Amanda's abstract work takes the form of an escape from the ‘shackles’ and expected roles of life…a visual breaking free from what is ‘supposed to be’ and a step into authenticity. The theme of ‘Home’ often runs through her work. As the daughter of Irish immigrant parents, she was born in London, England, but often felt a lack of belonging, not feeling English or Irish. Amanda now lives in Melbourne and has decided that home truly is where your heart is, and painting is her home.

Instagram - amandakettererart

Debbie Mackenzie

Debbie Mackenzie is an emerging artist residing on the Mornington Peninsula.  After studying Graphic Design and a successful career in the advertising industry, Debbie has embarked upon a journey into the romantic.  Her paintings are largely about reverie; a sense of place, a desire to be there.

Spending her childhood between the peninsula (her home) and the century old family beach house at Peterborough on the Great Ocean Road, has provided a rich and endless source of inspiration.  Under the guidance of renowned artist Dr Tony Hanning, Debbie has been able to finesse her talent.  Debbie feels what other people see and interpreting it through fine art presents them with a sense of being there!

Debbie has exhibited in numerous art shows and group exhibitions with work in many private collections across the country.

Instagram - debbiemackenzieartist

Hamish Matheson

Hamish Matheson is a Contemporary Semi-Abstract Australian artist based in Melbourne, Victoria.

Instagram - hamish_matheson_artist

John Reeve

John’s work is a ‘reflective release’. His artistic process is organic, not constricted by formality, but rather experimental and emotional, an effort to deconstruct reality, left with the subject exposed.

In 2014, John decided to return to painting after a 24-year hiatus. He experiments with oils, pastels and charcoal and prefers larger projects for the speed and freedom of the process, with less detail and more emotion to evoke feeling.

Facebook - Iconic John Art
Instagram - Iconic John Art

Cameron Tapp

Cameron began his career in art at the University of Art in the Northern Territory in the early 90s.

Soon after he began performing as a singer in bands to help pay for his tuition and not long after that he deferred his degree to pursue a full-time musical career.

2 years later he relocated to Tasmania where he was invited to study Fine Arts at the University of Tasmania under the then head of faculity Les Blakeborough (named an Australian living icon for his lifetime work in ceramics).

Cam majored in painting, drawing, sculpture and design in ceramics. Cam achieved and associate diploma in fine arts and fine art history and once again embarked on a musical career that would seem him traverse the globe for the next 20 years.

Although music has been the main part of Cam’s art world over the last 25 years he has always made art and sold his art through private commissions.

Cam is very excited to have been invited to take up a space at Southern Buoy Studios and he looks forward to many creative years ahead doing what he loves to do best...making art.

For more information about our studios, or to be added to our waiting list for studios, please get in touch.


Southern Buoy Studio Artist Debbie Mackenzie
Southern Buoy Studio Artist Debbie Mackenzie
Southern Buoy Studios Resident Graham Jones
Southern Buoy Studios Resident Graham Jones
Baden Croft standing in front of a Southern Buoy Sign
Southern Buoy Studio Resident Baden Croft