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About Southern Buoy Studios

Southern Buoy Studios is a dynamic space and artistic community on the stunning Mornington Peninsula, consisting of a large gallery space and artist studios.

Southern Buoy Studio Directors Micah Mills and Bern Cooper opened Southern Buoy Studios to support both artists and arts lovers and further foster the artistic community in the region.

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Micah Mills

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Bern Cooper


Southern Buoy and Southern Buoy Studios Staff

Many of our wonderful, multi-faceted staff work across both Southern Buoy Studios and Southern Buoy.

Leyla Bulmer

Jack Ryder Cannon

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Pierre Hagnere

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Jarrah Smith

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Q&A with Southern Buoy Studios Founders, Micah Mills and Bern Cooper.

Bern and Micah, you’re the founders of Southern Buoy Studios, can you briefly tell us about yourselves? 

We consider ourselves a reasonably well grounded and involved couple. Having been involved in art for over the last 20 years, it’s been a realisation of our passion to create this new venture.

Can you briefly tell us about how SBS came into being?

Having lived on the stunning Mornington Peninsula all our lives, the feedback from our clients at Southern Buoy was a desperate need for a more artful hub from which to promote and show off artworks.

We have great community galleries and successful art spaces around the peninsula as well as slick commercial galleries and there was a need to blend the most successful elements of these ventures into a new place.

The launch of the physical gallery space and studios are very exciting, can you also tell us about the online element of SBS and the community that you are hoping to foster through SBS?

The online element of SBS will be really important. We envision being able to show off rural and hard to access artists to more and more people as well as bringing out each artists unique background to achieve that really important insight into why they paint the way they do.

In addition to launching SBS, you also have a thriving framing and printing business, Southern Buoy. How do the two complement each other and how is it juggling the two side by side? 

The juggling has been super demanding in the build up stage,  but the beneficial dynamics of running the two side by side are so huge it has kept most of the balls, knives and chainsaws in the air. For us to be able to discover new artists and help them commercialise their work through appropriate sizing, framing, spaces to exhibit and finer reproductions all in one place…. the results of our advice has already paid off for quite a number of our artists.

What do you tell someone who is interested in buying art but doesn’t know where to start?

My (Micah) favourite art motto is ‘if you like it, buy it’. As you collect art, your appreciation for art increases, then the more you find in the art you collect you look for in new purchases. We have artwork at home that we still get lost in every time we stop to look into it.

What was the most recent work of art that stopped you in your tracks? 

We have just added a piece by Oliver Ashworth-Martin to our house that caught me by surprise the day after we hung it….   walking back into the room it was hanging, it shocked me how perfect it was in all its complexities for our perfect little home.

Any local secrets that you want to share?

There are lots of animals living in all the places we share….   make room for everyone.

If you are looking for a particular style of art, or piece of artwork or have any questions for us please get in touch with our team through the contact page.